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Stagetec Mediagroup Australia Reaches a Century!
Posted on:  February 17th, 2017 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

We have reached our first century! Stagetec Mediagroup Australia has now sold its 100th radio console in Australia. We are excited to announce that we have achieved this milestone after only being active in the Australian market for a few short years. The team here are constantly working hard to ensure that our high-end consoles, superior customisation and service prove as popular here in Australia as they are around the rest of the world!


On Air Flex 1

These radio consoles include the impressive On Air flex. This is an individual broadcast mixing console with a three-part structure. On Air flex is unique in the fact that its audio processing, user interface elements and control intelligence are strictly separate components. Some of the benefits of the On Air flex include; the entire system can be controlled through a virtual user interface on a PC or tablet, it is fully integrated into Nexus and the system has intuitive operation for users with any level of experience. More


As well as having sold 100 radio consoles, there are also 180 Stagetec Nexus Base Devices (routers) with over 45,000 time-slots of audio in use around Australia. Nexus is not only simultaneously an audio network, a router, and an I/O matrix;On Air flex 2 it also offers many more valuable features, make sure you check them out.


We look forward to many more milestones in the Australian market as we work towards meeting all of our clients’ expectations in a way that only Stagtec Mediagroup Australia can. And to make sure we are best meeting your audio and broadcast needs, don’t forget to keep up-to-date on the full range of Stagetec Mediagroup Australia products and services here.



Watch the Dan Dugan Auto-mixing Presentation @ Stagetec
Posted on:  December 15th, 2016 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia


Watch Dan Dugan @ Stagetec Mediagroup Australia – 14/12/2016


Stagetec TrueMatch® Celebrates a Milestone
Posted on:  December 3rd, 2016 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

Stagetec not only has large-scale equipment such as audio mixing consoles and routing systems in its portfolio, it also offers a technology that is celebrating a spectacular milestone. The patented TrueMatch® technology is now in use as an analogue frontend in the NEXUS audio routing system in more than 100,000 channels worldwide. It is a high-end A/D converter that, for the first time ever, eliminates the need for analogue microphone preamplifiers, due to its dynamic range of 158 dB (A).



TrueMatch® technology features outstanding analogue circuit design and modern DSP technology that combine to form the basis for this reference converter. Impressive attributes such as, minimal converter errors, very low harmonic distortion, homogeneous noise spectra and substantially improved aliasing suppression have helped TrueMatch® technology to come to be considered by experts as one of the best converters in the world.


The microphone converter guarantees precise sound reproduction and achieves a resolution of up to 32-bits and a dynamic range of 158 dB (A) at sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz. The converter technology has a lower digital noise floor than the thermal self-noise of any microphone. The technology also has the advantage that only the microphone determines the acoustic characteristics and not the converter or an analogue microphone preamplifier.


TrueMatch RMC

The TrueMatch® converter is available in two versions. As an analogue front end in the NEXUS audio routing system, the Stagetec A/D converters (XAD+, XAD) and the microphone board (XMIC+, XMAD) are equipped with TrueMatch® converters. The second version is the self-sufficient RMC (Reference Microphone Converter). Microphones are connected directly to the RMC.


Stagetec received a much coveted Emmy® Award for its NEXUS system in 2010, in part due to the pioneering TrueMatch® technology. The award committee pin-pointed the natural and faithful signal conversion from analogue into digital that the NEXUS system offered as one of the major factors in being presented the prestigious award.



Integrate 2016
Posted on:  September 16th, 2016 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

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Stagetec Mediagoup Australia exhibited in Cooperation with Brähler ICS AG Germany at this year’s INTEGRATE InfoComm held at the Sydney Showground, Olympic Park, Australia.  

The focus of the presentation was the the STAGETEC NEXUS, DELEC, DATAMINER, BRÄHLER DIGIMIC digital conference system and the DAN DUGAN Automixer.

Stagetec Mediagroup Australia showed our diverse range of products for the professional installation market.

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Beside the common functions of the DIGIMIC conference system like Discussion, Interpretation, Recording, Voting, Identification, several clients and integrators showed very keen interest in the new modular DIGIMIC lean+ system.

The versatility, flexibility, serviceability and high-quality materials were identified as outstanding features.
Many Integrators mentioned the possibility to create a pleasant and fitting customised Conference Multimedia Unit delivered by Brähler to be used in the frontend at the delegate desk and for using behind their preferred technologies to realize the AV and IT distribution.

For more information visit Brähler website at

The team at stagetec would like to thank everyone who attended.



Stagetec Mediagroup Australia Introduces — David Holmes
Posted on:  April 4th, 2016 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

David Holmes joins Stagetec Mediagroup Australia this week as Sales Manager Australia, New Zealand. David has over 30 years experience in Professional Audio and Broadcast and brings a wealth of knowledge to the position.


David HolmesHe has recently worked at National Audio Systems and prior to that at Klotz Digital and Syntec as Sales Manager. He has throughout this time also remained a hands-on engineer.


David had this to say about his new role. ‘I am looking forward to the challenge of developing and promoting the fantastic range of products Mediagroup offers our customers. They are some of the most technologically advanced audio systems in the world; that offer the customer more power and infinite flexibility to achieve their desired outcomes, from small spaces and on air facilities to nation-wide solutions.’


David is based in Sydney and can be reached at or on 0439 734 646. We welcome David on board and know his immense talents will be fully utilised in the new role.



Delec Commentary and Dante – Powerful and Flexible
Posted on:  October 29th, 2015 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

Delec’s oratis commentary system can be set up to accommodate up to 350 commentator terminals on a network — each allowing up to three commentators.

oratis Commentator Terminal


User-friendly commentator terminals are connected directly to a premium audio router which also acts as an I/O matrix. The components of the system are networked over standard Gigabit Ethernet cabling with redundancy built-in and can also be integrated into existing network infrastructure.


Dante logo cropAnother fantastic feature of this commentary system is that by adding a Dante Card to the MF4 Frame, the entire system gains access to and from all Dante devices. With the additional bandwidth across the commentary panel’s fibre, it is possible to tunnel Dante to devices located with the commentators without the need for any further equipment.

DELEC Commentary System1


Be it a commentator terminal or a full matrix frame — each module can be replaced or even added during operation. This allows for system extensions and full reconfiguration without the need for a reboot. Even very large oratis systems such as installations for international sport events remain flexible, versatile, and maintainable. More on Delec’s oratis commentary system.





Delec Live Monitoring Software for oratis Series
Posted on:  September 29th, 2015 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

Delec Live View is a system monitoring web service for oratis intercom and oratis compact intercom systems.


Delec Live View PC

By simply logging onto the web service, users are able to monitor the basic system information for each interface card in a modular oratis MF4 frame or an oratis compact frame. Available information includes; IP address, uptime, temperature and firmware version. In addition, information about the current audio routes for each port can also be accessed.

 Delec Live View Mobile


The user-friendly side menu allows easy access to all other interface cards in the frame. The web service can be accessed with any type of browser on a PC and is also optimized for mobile devices. More on oratis intercom products.








Stagetec Mediagroup Australia Announced as Dan Dugan Dealer
Posted on:  September 29th, 2015 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

Stagetec Mediagroup Australia is very excited to announce that we are now the Dan Dugan Sound Design dealer for the Australian market.

Dan Dugan Sound Design Logo


Dan Dugan has been involved in the professional audio industry for 40 years and his experience and passion for the industry has resulted in his range of automatic microphone mixer products being some of the best in the business.


Dan Dugan Sound Design has just released a 64 Channel Dante Auto-Mixer and a 64 Channel MADI Enabled Auto-Mixer. Both models offer all Dugan algorithms Speech System, Music System, and Gain Limiting. With a huge range of applications, such as, wireless mics for theatre, video trucks and boardrooms, these products are an exciting addition to the Stagetec Mediagroup Australia range.


Dan Dugan Models M and N

Please contact Stagetec Mediagroup Australia for further information on Dan Dugan Sound Design products. We have systems on hand, so give us a call to organise a demonstration of these sensational products. Learn More




Delec Builds One of the World’s Largest Intercom Systems
Posted on:  August 25th, 2015 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

Over the past ten years, the BBC in London has completely redeveloped Broadcasting House, bringing together its Radio and TV News, Domestic Radio, World and Online services into one headquarters. The 1930s art-deco building in Portland Place W1 is now an amazing centre dedicated to broadcasting to audiences across the UK and the world.


Delec has worked with the BBC on both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this redevelopment. This has resulted in one of the largest intercom systems in the world, with room to expand to cover greater needs in the future. During Phase 2, the system was increased from 2552 to 4992 bi-directional ports. As a consequence, the expanded system incorporates a 3072 x 3072 central router cluster that can accommodate further expansion to 4096 x 4096 ports if required.


DELEC R4000The backbone of the entire system is Delec’s R4000 routers; there are eight routers in total in the system. The system requires four routers to create 4096 x 4096 ports and another four to have redundancy built in. The project also involved an enormous 47 frames and 486 panels.


The routers connect to a number of intercom frames via standard Ethernet links, which also allow the seamless connection of remote sites to the Broadcasting House intercom, with access to the full facilities and quality of the host system. One of the frames is even at the other end of the city, remote connected by a managed Layer 2 Ethernet connection.


The Broadcasting House redevelopment happened in stages, so Delec intercom’s unique ability to operate separate areas autonomously, was essential to ensure each area could be installed, tested and connected to the routers without disturbing the operation of any other part of the system. Creating these operational islands allows each area’s talkback and intercom to be managed locally and efficiently uses the valuable central router capacity.


Concurrently, Delec, a member of the Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup, also worked with the BBC on the intercom system for BBC Manchester. This project, with 6 routers and 15 frames, is only slightly smaller than the BBC London intercom system.


Turner Studios Selects DELEC for New Intercom System
Posted on:  July 24th, 2015 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

Turner Studios, based in Atlanta, GA, has selected DELEC to replace its aging intercom system with new technology. As the broadcast production division of Turner Entertainment Group, Turner Studios provides turnkey services for film, video, and audio production for all of the Turner Entertainment Networks. Turner Studios’ new DELEC intercom system will effectively tie together the multitude of studios and offices at the sprawling facility to streamline workflow and enhance communication.


DELEC will deliver a state-of-the-art 2,048-port intercom system comprised of 140 intercom panels. All 140 panels will incorporate redundant Dante audio-over-IP connectivity – a unique feature only DELEC can provide. The DELEC Dante interface supports 64 bidirectional audio channels or up to 32 DELEC Intercom Panels (or any combination of audio signals and Intercom Panels). Providing redundancy on all Dante devices, DELEC offers the first highly available audio-over-IP intercom solution.                                                               


The DELEC intercom system to be deployed at Turner Studios also includes 7 MADI interfaces to connect to the facility’s existing audio network. Further, the system will include a 128-line PBX-Gateway and several analogue 4 wires for 3rd party integration.


Arnie Toshner, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP, commented on Turner Studios’ selection of the new DELEC intercom panels, ‘We are both honoured and delighted that Turner Studios has chosen DELEC intercom technology for their in-house communication. The new DELEC intercom panels will bring Dante interactivity and single cable connectivity convenience to Turner Studios’ production facility and, in the process, provide a new level of communication that, we’re confident, will enhance the ability of the staff to work more efficiently.’


Deployment of the new DELEC intercom system is expected to be completed by October 2015.

Turner Studios and DELEC


From left to right: Kevin Shorter (Turner Studios VP of Engineering), Arnie Toshner (VP Sales & Marketing, Salzbrenner Stagetec Media Group), Craig Heyl (Sr. VP Turner Studios), and Jürgen Sebastian Diniz Malleck (DELEC International Sales Manager).




About the DELEC Intercom System with Dante Technology

The DELEC intercom panels equipped with Dante audio-over-IP connectivity are available in three panel sizes: two 19-inch rack units, with 12 or 16 keys, and a 16-key desktop panel. DELEC’s Dante capability reduces the challenges of addressing audio requirements in an ever changing transmission environment with interconnecting studios and control rooms. All three models come with Dante Primary and Secondary ports for fully redundant operation. These ports can also be used to daisy chain several panels and reduce cabling requirements. As a result, these new intercom panels are not only perfect for broadcast and production environments but also for any application that requires long cable runs. Learn more