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NOVA Entertainment Offices Head into the Future with digital PA
Posted on:  September 18th, 2017 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

NOVA Entertainment’s capital city offices across Australia are always abuzz with activity. With an array of entertainment ventures operating from these offices, including the broadcasting of radio stations such as, the Nova Network in five states, smoothfm (Sydney and Melbourne), FIVEaa (Adelaide) and Star 104.5 (Gosford), to say that there is never a dull moment is an understatement. Since its inception in 2001, NOVA Entertainment has been on the leading edge of the radio industry. The business has continued to expand and mature over the years and it has come to be known as one of Australia’s leading entertainment companies.


Therefore, when it was necessary to upgrade the office PA systems, not just any ‘out-of-the-box’ solution would do. A business that is so focused on audio communications needed something special. The office required a customised, high quality and reliable system that would be there as this entertainment company moved into the future.


For the previous decade, NOVA entertainment’s capital city offices were using the Klotz Varizone digital PA system to deliver zone-able audio.


NOVA Entertainment’s Technology Manger, John Pearce explained the company’s needs; ‘In our radio businesses, there are a number of audio signals that need to be continually monitored; certain signals are relevant to certain staff or physical locations around each building. For example, multiple radio station signals in both pre and post profanity delay.’


He went on to say; ‘With the degree of control possible through Varizone and its ability to interface directly with our Klotz audio routing system, it was an easy step to make back then. When it came time to replace this system, we didn’t need any encouragement to remain with a product that, at a minimum, provided the same level of control.’


That is where tm stagetec systems came in with the digital PA system. Using the latest technology, digital PA systems take intercom and public address to the next level. This superior quality audio system is completely networkable, easily customised and able to operate on any scale.


From a straightforward system design with one speaker, through to configurations involving many speakers; digital PA provides the basis for so many different audio system applications. NOVA Entertainment took advantage of some of the outstanding features of digital PA systems including the ability to have an individual volume control for speakers, the capacity to play different audio in different zones and the completely configurable nature of the system. With the added benefit of being highly intuitive for users to operate, including from web, mobile and tablet interfaces, digital PA was the right fit for NOVA Entertainment.


Mr Pearce was involved in the selection process for the digital PA system; ‘The NAM digital PA system was selected as it provided the ultimate in flexibility. Each NAM in our system drives 4 x speakers. Each of those speakers has its own level control and its own source assignment. That means that zones can be expanded and contracted with speed and precision, and there are no limits with regards to the number of zones we have. Each speaker can be assigned any source on the Dante network, meaning that every speaker can be its own zone if necessary providing even greater flexibility than the Klotz product which had a limited number of channels.’


‘The other key benefit is control. Each speaker can be level controlled individually and tuned to the space. Something much more difficult with legacy 100V line systems.’


NOVA Entertainment’s digital PA system included the use of both Network Amplifier Modules (NAM) and Dante™ Input / Output (DIO) devices. Each NAM has 4 x 12 Watt RMS class D amplifier channels, an Ethernet switch, as well as built-in DSP (EQ, FIR, delay and gain). Each amplifier has an individual Dante™ input allowing for simple zoning and future changes.


The DIO devices used also offer an impressive range of tools and converters. DIO’s have a 2 port Ethernet switch (1 x 1Gb Copper and 1 x SFP cage), Dante™ audio, AES Input and Output, Mic Input, Line Input, Line Output, Headphone Output with external volume control and 2 x GPIO. The DIO is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) or runs via an external PSU. Redundancy is provided between both power sources.


An important consideration for NOVA Entertainment was how the digital PA systems would work in practice, how they would be installed, configured and operate in each of the capital city offices. There was a need to configure the system in two different ways, a challenge that the digital PA system could most certainly meet.


Mr Pearce further explains how this was achieved; ‘We operate the NAM digital PA system throughout all areas of our buildings. From studio sound lock areas, reception spaces, general office areas, bathrooms and hallways. The system connects back to our Dante Ethernet network in one of two ways;


1. In our Brisbane site, due to the design of the building, it was much more convenient to create a number of ‘strings’ of NAM’s connected in chain off a central switch. This was done using the integrated Ethernet switch in each NAM to allow cascading.


2. In all other sites nationally, each NAM is connected directly back to our central Dante Ethernet switch in a star design.’


‘In order to feed the network with audio sources from our legacy Klotz routing system, we connected a MADI fibre from Klotz into a MADI<>Dante™ bridge allowing us 64 channels of bi-directional audio between the two systems. We use both the Solid State Logic and Focusrite bridges in our network.’


For digital PA, one of its most sought after features is its ability to integrate seamlessly and be customised to fit into individual systems to meet specific business needs. This is certainly something that makes the NOVA Entertainment systems in each capital city a great example of what digital PA is capable of.


The ease of operation is another important feature of digital PA. However, when questioned on how the digital PA system was for staff at NOVA Entertainment to operate Mr Pearce had an interesting take, ‘The beauty of the system is that it rarely needs to be ‘operated’, a good month is when we forget it’s there because it keeps on running with flawless audio. The design saw us take the original Klotz zone audio mixes and feed them into the Dante network, so no new controls were required. On the odd occasion that a change needs to be made, such as a speaker level change or a speaker zone reallocation, a combination of the Dante™ Controller and the web interface of the relevant NAM provides simple management, statistics and control.’


And for the final word on this we would like to hand over to Mr Pearce, when asked for an overall comment on the digital PA system, he simply stated, ‘We’d buy it again’.


Find out more information on the digital PA system here or contact the tm stagetec systems offices.


Stagetec Mediagroup Australia is now tm stagetec systems
Posted on:  July 17th, 2017 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

Treva Head, the Managing Director of Stagetec Mediagroup Australia announced this week at the SMPTE 2017 Exhibition that effective immediately, the company will officially change its name to tm stagetec systems pty ltd.


Mr Head explained that the new name would reflect the evolving focus and standards of the company, adding, ‘Stagetec Mediagroup Australia has now grown to the point in which it was time to move out from under the Mediagroup banner. This change reflects the fact that our company offers a wider range of products and services than ever before. This move allows tm stagetec systems to continue to strive to better service our client base as a full turnkey systems integrator.’


‘There is no change in management, staff or the day-to-day operations of the business. By the name change, we hope to both reflect the further expansion of the company as well as keep up the good reputation we have held in the Australian market for over 6 years.’ Mr Head went on to say.


tm stagetec systems logo

Clients, suppliers and employees alike are optimistic about these changes which will see tm stagetec systems continue to expand as a company well into the future.


Mark Lownds, General Manager at Stagetec Mediagroup Australia noted ‘This is an exciting time for our company as we continue to grow and build on our reputation. We look forward to continuing to work with our valued clients and partners well into the future. At tm stagetec systems we begin working from a mind-set that nothing is impossible when it comes to offering the best technology solutions.’


The tm part of the name originated from the company’s founding employees Treva (Head) and Mark (Lownds). However, it has evolved to become so much more than that, tm has been chosen as it is a brand that can evolve well into the future without restrictions or limitations. tm is simply the representation of what the company is today, a technology company that offers more. 


From a modest beginning, starting with just two employees, Stagetec Mediagroup Australia was launched in 2011 under the banner of the German owned Mediagroup Consortium and was the exclusive Australian distributor for all Mediagroup products.


Building on a reputation of high quality products and completely customised service, the company expanded its product range to offer additional products and services in the Australian market. Initially, these products were high end audio systems for both government and enterprise.


As the company developed, fostering a passion for innovation and technology created a path into further expanding the product and service range and taking on new projects in the ICT and networking sectors. The product range was also expanded to more than simply those products offered by Mediagroup.


tm stagetec systems, with its two founding employees overseeing operations, now employs over 30 people and continues to mature, taking on new and challenging infrastructure projects. The main areas of expertise within the company are professional audio, public address, network and equipment management and information systems. Key sectors include, stage and theatre, broadcast, enterprise networking, public address, passenger information for transportation and communication systems. The company is also invested in product research and development and manufacturing.


To learn more, go to



Stagetec Mediagroup Australia Announces Quicklink Distribution Deal
Posted on:  June 5th, 2017 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

It is with great excitement we announce that effective immediately Stagetec Mediagroup Australia is now a distributor of Quicklink products. This partnership will allow us to offer our clients the very best in software and hardware IP solutions for the media and broadcasting industry. As our company evolves we are proud to work with industry leading global brands such as Quicklink to further offer specialised and innovative technology solutions in the Australian market.quicklink_logo


Quicklink are one of the leading global providers of software and hardware IP solutions for the transmission of live and edited video. Quicklink solutions are the best available for achieving superb video and audio quality from low speed connections up to high speed HD. Optimisation of available bandwidth using advanced software and enhanced codecs means that outstanding results can be achieved from a variety of networks. 

Quicklink TX Multi


Quicklink's entire range of high quality products and integrated solutions, have a wide range of applications and offer users accessibility, cost effectiveness and optimisation of both workflow and video and audio quality.Midibackpack


Some applications for Quicklink products include:

  • News and Elections

  • Corporate Briefings and Events

  • Education and Training

  • Sport Reporting and Commentary

  • Phone-in TV Interviews and Game Shows

  • Houses of Worship


For more information on this exciting range of products click here or contact us for a discussion and a demonstration. We are looking forward to seeing what great new things we can achieve with our Quicklink partnership.


Stage Tec’s CRESCENDO platinum now with new technical highlights
Posted on:  May 17th, 2017 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

Stage Tec is set to present CRESCENDO platinum with new audio processing features at the AES in Berlin this month (booth 124). This will make CRESCENDO platinum even more powerful and users will benefit immediately. Some of the new features require the RMDQ board (Platinum DSP) and will be installed at the beginning of June with software release 4.3.

CRESCENDO platinum


CRESCENDO platinum now includes a Stage Tec developed automixer based on gain sharing. The auto mixer is fully integrated into the console and can be used on every input channel. All input channel processing functions remain available without restriction. Four buses are reserved for the automixer function enabling up to four different automix groups to be configured.


Another highlight is Loudness Metering, according to EBU R 128, which is now available in the CRESCENDO platinum sum and group channels. When the loudness function is in use, no channel capacity is lost and users can access all processing modules in the channels – an unrivalled feat. 

CRESCENDO platinum


Following in AURUS’ footsteps, every CRESCENDO platinum input channel is now equipped with a de-esser as a channel module. 


CRESCENDO platinum also offers a new feature in Scene automation. It is now possible to set blend curves and blend times individually for each channel. This function is one of the most important additions to basic scene automation. This new scene automation function will be available with the new software release without any requirement to update to the RMDQ board.


The software update also enables another important feature – scene start at a timecode. Timecode Trigger enables scene events to be called up at will.

CRESCENDO platinum


Contact us to find out more about the updated CRESCENDO platinum.







Stage Tec goes AES67 with DirectOut
Posted on:  April 11th, 2017 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

Stage Tec have announced a close collaboration with the German based specialist for digital audio connectivity and networked audio, DirectOut Technologies, to provide powerful audio-over-IP solutions.


Stage Tec continues to raise the bar with a continuous stream of product developments and innovations. This partnership aims to enable AES67 compatibility for the whole Stage Tec product range, based on the Digital Audio Routing System NEXUS, using DirectOut’s powerful and highly adaptive AES67 hardware platform.


“We are very happy, to have this cooperation with one of the early adopters of AES67. The outstanding reliability and flexibility of DirectOut products is a great reference for manufacturer independent audio and control interconnection,” comments Dr. Helmut Jahne, managing director of Stage Tec. “With the integration of the DirectOut AES67 platform, we add another audio StageTec DirectOut AES67interface to our products, further increasing our range of supported audio formats. In taking this step we ready ourselves for the future demands in the increasing number of IP based production sites. Our goal is to have our products ready for interoperability not just on the audio side, but also on the control side. Therefore, we focus on protocols like AES70, NMOS-IS04 as well as SMPTE 2110 -30/31 in the near future." 


Pictured (left to right): René Harder, vice president Stage Tec; Jan Ehrlich, CEO; Claudio Becker-Foss, product development; Dr. Helmut Jahne, managing director of Stage Tec


Find out about the NEXUS Audio Routing System here. Or contact us at Stagetec Mediagroup Australia for more information.


Stage Tec presents — AVATUS — a new mixing console concept!
Posted on:  April 11th, 2017 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

The pioneers at Stage Tec now present AVATUS, the new mixing console concept combining ground breaking technology and a contemporary look and feel. It is a fully IP-based large mixing console with 21" multi-touch displays. AVATUS control elements and interfaces are connected through standard Ethernet. The console control surface and other elements communicate via IP networks, enabling remote production.

Avatus 1


The interface offers flexibility, which enables customised function assignments. Stage Tec has also equipped the AVATUS mixing console concept with workflow oriented controls. For example, the touch displays provide context related functions. The colour coding of functional units allows for rapid and intuitive operation. Device view function also ensures efficient workflow; instead of switching each crosspoint separately, device lists are now utilised.


Avatus 2


AVATUS mixing console concept configurations are context-dependent and can be set on all displays. The control surface will initially consist of just three panel types. There are no central panels, which enables multiple users to operate a console from different locations. The AVATUS mixing console concept supports multi-touch displays, which provide access to all parameters and central functions. The mixing console interface can be split, since the displays can be relocated as required.


Avatus 3"We have developed our AVATUS mixing console concept to meet our customers' requirements for IP-based technology, open to standard protocols. In line with their wishes, the concept is extremely flexible. Customisation of the user interface and its features has been greatly simplified, which means the console concept can be configured individually for each customer in the broadcast, theatre and live areas," commented Dr. Helmut Jahne, managing director of Stage Tec.


Avatus 4The AVATUS mixing console concept provides more than 800 input channels and 128 sum buses. Channel formats range from mono to 7.1. Features such as the de-esser, implemented as an audio module, loudness metering, multiband compressor, and the Stage Tec automixer are all integrated. Control surface sizes range between 12 and 96 channel strips. Inter-connectivity with other systems will be further enhanced by implementing the AES70 standard.


Contact us at Stagetec Mediagroup Australia to find out more on the benefits of these developments plus how we offer cutting edge technology combined with quality products and services.


NEXUS Audio Network Capacity Doubled
Posted on:  April 3rd, 2017 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

From the prolight+sound 2017 exhibition, Stage Tec has announced some great news for users of the popular NEXUS audio network. With software release V5.28, NEXUS systems can now be upgraded to double the capacity previously possible.Stage Tec NEXUS


By combining a greater number of base devices with the recently increased capacity of NEXUS fibre-optic lines, it is now possible to upgrade new and existing systems to create truly large-scale networks. The fibre-optic cables joining the base devices can cover large distances, turning the network into the link between rooms, buildings, and in the future, even cities.


“Many NEXUS systems are already being deployed to connect entire complexes, such as broadcast facilities and film production studios," explains Alexander Nemes, Sales Manager at Stage Tec, adding, "Scalability has been doubled yet again – sufficient for any currently conceivable network!"


NEXUS works with an internal bus system based on time division multiplexing and provides a wide range of I/O options, including IP technology. The system's functionality goes far beyond that of a pure audio router. It handles control tasks, switches external signals transparently through the network, performs DSP functions and offers many extra features.


Even the oldest legacy systems can be upgraded, and today's NEXUS is fully backwards compatible. The software release V5.28 will be available at the end of the second quarter.


For more information on NEXUS or any other products from Stagetec Mediagroup Australia, please contact us.


Stagetec Mediagroup Australia Reaches a Century!
Posted on:  February 17th, 2017 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

We have reached our first century! Stagetec Mediagroup Australia has now sold its 100th radio console in Australia. We are excited to announce that we have achieved this milestone after only being active in the Australian market for a few short years. The team here are constantly working hard to ensure that our high-end consoles, superior customisation and service prove as popular here in Australia as they are around the rest of the world!


On Air Flex 1

These radio consoles include the impressive On Air flex. This is an individual broadcast mixing console with a three-part structure. On Air flex is unique in the fact that its audio processing, user interface elements and control intelligence are strictly separate components. Some of the benefits of the On Air flex include; the entire system can be controlled through a virtual user interface on a PC or tablet, it is fully integrated into Nexus and the system has intuitive operation for users with any level of experience. More


As well as having sold 100 radio consoles, there are also 180 Stagetec Nexus Base Devices (routers) with over 45,000 time-slots of audio in use around Australia. Nexus is not only simultaneously an audio network, a router, and an I/O matrix;On Air flex 2 it also offers many more valuable features, make sure you check them out.


We look forward to many more milestones in the Australian market as we work towards meeting all of our clients’ expectations in a way that only Stagtec Mediagroup Australia can. And to make sure we are best meeting your audio and broadcast needs, don’t forget to keep up-to-date on the full range of Stagetec Mediagroup Australia products and services here.



Watch the Dan Dugan Auto-mixing Presentation @ Stagetec
Posted on:  December 15th, 2016 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia


Watch Dan Dugan @ Stagetec Mediagroup Australia – 14/12/2016


Stagetec TrueMatch® Celebrates a Milestone
Posted on:  December 3rd, 2016 by Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

Stagetec not only has large-scale equipment such as audio mixing consoles and routing systems in its portfolio, it also offers a technology that is celebrating a spectacular milestone. The patented TrueMatch® technology is now in use as an analogue frontend in the NEXUS audio routing system in more than 100,000 channels worldwide. It is a high-end A/D converter that, for the first time ever, eliminates the need for analogue microphone preamplifiers, due to its dynamic range of 158 dB (A).



TrueMatch® technology features outstanding analogue circuit design and modern DSP technology that combine to form the basis for this reference converter. Impressive attributes such as, minimal converter errors, very low harmonic distortion, homogeneous noise spectra and substantially improved aliasing suppression have helped TrueMatch® technology to come to be considered by experts as one of the best converters in the world.


The microphone converter guarantees precise sound reproduction and achieves a resolution of up to 32-bits and a dynamic range of 158 dB (A) at sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz. The converter technology has a lower digital noise floor than the thermal self-noise of any microphone. The technology also has the advantage that only the microphone determines the acoustic characteristics and not the converter or an analogue microphone preamplifier.


TrueMatch RMC

The TrueMatch® converter is available in two versions. As an analogue front end in the NEXUS audio routing system, the Stagetec A/D converters (XAD+, XAD) and the microphone board (XMIC+, XMAD) are equipped with TrueMatch® converters. The second version is the self-sufficient RMC (Reference Microphone Converter). Microphones are connected directly to the RMC.


Stagetec received a much coveted Emmy® Award for its NEXUS system in 2010, in part due to the pioneering TrueMatch® technology. The award committee pin-pointed the natural and faithful signal conversion from analogue into digital that the NEXUS system offered as one of the major factors in being presented the prestigious award.